F&H Contractors is committed to promoting from within whenever possible and provides all employees with the training and experience necessary to enhance their advancement opportunities.


Daniel Williams – President

Mr. Williams has over 38 years of experience in the electric industry. Prior to joining F&H Contractors he spent 18 years at Florida Power Corporation (FPC). After completing his electrical apprenticeship program in 1982, he gained substantial experience in various aspects of electrical disciplines which include installation of electrical underground systems, transformers, power distribution systems, motors and high voltage equipment and controls. Mr. Williams graduated from Central Florida Community College in 1994 with a degree in Control Wiring, Refrigeration and HVAC. Additionally, he holds several certificates including Nuclear Electrician Core and General Knowledge Certificate and an unlimited State of Florida HVAC Contractors License.

Michael Tringali, CPA - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tringali has over 35 years’ experience in the fields of finance and accounting.  He founded and served as senior partner of what at one time was Citrus County Florida’s largest CPA firm.  As CFO for the company, he directs the administrative and financial staff of the firm and participates in key decisions as a member of the executive management team.  Mr. Tringali holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Mark Tellier – Vice President of Operations

Mr. Tellier joined F&H Contractors in 2003 and is now responsible for the day-to- day field operations of all underground and directional drilling operations in the State of Florida, including departmental manpower allocation, equipment allocation, cost controls and billing functions. He has over 30 years of experience in the underground utility construction industry where he has developed a strong background in operations management including strategic planning and forecasting, quality control and profitability metrics. Prior to joining F&H Contractors, Mr. Tellier spent 5 years as Operations Manager for VIASYS Corporation, an infrastructure deployment, integration and maintenance company.

Thomas Finley – Commercial and Industrial Electrical Operations Manager

Mr. Finley was hired in 2004 to manage the commercial and industrial electrical operations, including maintenance and construction in power plant facilities and new construction and maintenance of commercial and industrial facilities. Mr. Finley has over 20 years of experience in new construction and maintenance with power generating facilities, as well as new construction and maintenance in governmental facilities, chemical plants, mining facilities and food processing plants. In addition, Mr. Finley has several years of experience in construction of sanitary sewer, water piping and directional drilling. Mr. Finley holds a State of Florida General Contractors License as well as a State of Florida
Underground Utility Contractors License.

Ryan Ramos – Manager Central Florida Underground Operations and Directional Drilling Operations

Mr. Ramos joined F&H Contractors in 2003 to oversee the company’s direction drilling department. Mr. Ramos was elevated to Manager of Central Florida underground operations, while continuing to maintain his oversight of the direction drilling department. Prior to coming to work with F&H Contractors, Mr. Ramos had over 12 years of experience in underground utility work, including installation underground cable conduit, cable pulling for fiber optic systems and fiber optic duct systems. Mr. Ramos has served has Project Manager for F&H Contractors for highly complex
underground utility projects, specializing in overhead to underground conversion and duct bank construction.

Larry Brady – Manager Safety Department

Larry brings to F&H Contractors, fifty plus years of quality experience in various aspects of Safety, related to Electrical Utility construction and maintenance. Serving as a Journey Lineman, performing OH and UG distribution task as well as Transmission construction and maintenance, including Live Line task. Throughout this vast experience, the safety of employees engaged in the electrical utility trade has been a primary focus to advance Safety principles and behavior.

His purpose and commitment to the Safety of employees remains strong, performing all aspects of the work platform F&H Contractors under takes. His belief remains strong in a Behavior Based Safety approach, which includes Hazard identification and mitigation training to equip all workers with the tools needed to recognize and mitigate Hazards associated with a Hazardous occupation. Larry believes in empowering all employees to remain Safe each day. Larry has earned his NASP Occupational Safety and Health Advanced Diploma.