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SINCE 1997

At F&H Contractors, safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing high-quality turnkey services while ensuring exceptional safety standards in all of our projects. Our focus on safety not only protects our employees but also results in better outcomes for our clients. We have developed strong client relationships through our unwavering dedication to quality and safety in everything we do. 


 F&H Contractors is a privately held company that specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services to the power distribution market, primarily in the State of Florida.


The company’s services include the construction repair and maintenance of overhead & underground power infrastructure, streetlight maintenance and installation and directional drilling services.


F&H Contractors currently has thirteen offices strategically placed throughout the State of Florida, including four on the West Coast, two on the East Coast and seven in Central Florida.


F&H Contractors markets its services to major electric utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and public/private contractors.


Our Vision is to expand our presence and customer base throughout the State of Florida and to increase the scope of services we provide to all our customers. Our goal is to build a brand that is associated with excellence and is respected by all of our customers.


F&H Contractors currently employs over 350 full time employees, including management, administrative/clerical and field personnel. The company is committed to employee safety and training, with an emphasis on career development and retention. F&H Contractors is a drug free workplace and requires employees to attend three days of safety and training orientation. Orientation training includes but is not limited to overview of F&H Contractors’ Employee Handbook and HR policies; certification in First Aid and CPR; defensive driving including supervised driving test; and in-depth review of F&H Contractors’ Health and Safety Handbook. Employees are certified to the level of their individual technical training, as evidenced by their field experience and classroom training, with all job responsibilities being assigned in accordance with their level of training and certifications. F&H Contractors utilizes electronic tracking for certification and continuing education requirements for all employees. The company conducts daily tailgate meetings, weekly safety meetings and random safety inspections for all management and field crews. F&H Contractors is committed to promoting from within whenever possible and provides all employees with the training and experience necessary to enhance their advancement opportunities.

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