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About Us

About Us

F&H Electrical Contractors, Inc. d/b/a F&H Contractors is a privately held Subchapter S-Corporation that specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services to the power distribution market, primarily within the state of Florida, with an emphasis on the construction, repair and maintenance of underground and overhead utility power infrastructure and industrial electrical services to power generating plants.  The company provides these services throughout the state of Florida from seven offices located in central, west central and northwest Florida.  F&H markets it’s services to over 20 major electric utilities, cooperatives and municipalities.

Seeing an opportunity in the outsourcing of distribution installation and maintenance services by the electric utility industry David Finley, the company’s President, founded F&H Contractors in 1997 after spending 26 years at Florida Power Corporation.  Since then, the company has grown in size to include over 150 full time employees.  The company has experienced robust growth as a result of its commitment to providing high quality, turnkey services; to consistently demonstrate exceptional safety standards; and to develop strong relationships with clients throughout the state of Florida.


The company is managed by a highly experienced group of individuals, including three of the four shareholders of the corporation.  Below is a brief synopsis of each of the members of the Senior 


David Finley – President Mr. Finley has been involved in the electric utilities industry for 40 years, starting his career with Florida Power Corporation (FPC) in 1971.  After completing his electrical apprenticeship program in 1974, Mr. Finley gained several years of experience in the installation, testing and start up of electrical systems for various FPC facilities, working his way to Chief Electrician for FPC’s travel crews by 1979.  In 1997, Mr. Finley left FPC to start F&H Contractors.  He is currently F&H Contractors’ President and holds a State of Florida Electrical Contractors License as well as an unlimited Electrical Contractors License for the State of Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama.
Daniel Williams – Executive Vice President  Mr. Williams has over 32 years of experience in the electric utilities industry.  Prior to joining F&H Contractors, Mr. Williams spent 18 years at Florida Power Corporation (FPC).  After completing his electrical apprenticeship program in 1982, he gained substantial experience in various aspects of electrical and HVAC disciplines which include installation of underground electrical systems, transformers, power distribution systems, motors and high voltage equipment and controls.  Mr. Williams holds several certificates, including Nuclear Electrician Core and General Knowledge and a Florida State Unlimited Contractors License for HVAC.  In addition, Mr. Williams graduated from Central Florida Community College in 1994 with a degree in control wiring, refrigeration and HVAC.
Edward Gerrits – Chief Financial Officer Mr. Gerrits joined F&H Contractors in March of 2005, but was actively involved with the company since it’s inception in 1997 as a commercial banker.  Mr. Gerrits is responsible for the daily financial management of the Company and has over 25 years of business experience, which includes 15 years in commercial banking, currently at Old Florida National Bank, and another 12 years as President of Gerrits-Citrus, Inc., a real estate development and commercial construction company.  Mr. Gerrits graduated from the University of Florida with Finance degree.
Thomas Guida – Chief Operations Officer Mr. Guida was originally hired by the Company in 2003, as the Vice President of Underground Operations, and was instrumental in establishing the department’s business plan and framework.  Mr. Guida was elevated to the position of Chief Operations Officer in March of 2006 and now oversees all field operations for the Company.  His duties include oversight of sales activities; interacting with business unit managers to discuss planning for resource allocation, procedural cost / benefit analysis and productivity of profit centers.  Prior to joining F&H Contractors Mr. Guida served as Vice President and Comptroller for VIASYS Corporation, an infrastructure deployment, integration and maintenance company, where he gained valuable experience in unit-based contract administration, strategic planning and financial analysis.  Mr. Guida obtained his degree in Accounting from UCLA.

Mark Tellier – Manager Underground Operations

Mr. Tellier is responsible for the day-to-day field operations of the Underground Department, including departmental manpower and equipment allocation, cost controls and billing functions.  He has over 26 years of leadership experience in the underground utility construction industry where he has developed a solid background in business analysis, strategic planning, forecasting, and operations management.  Prior to joining F&H Contractors in 2003, Mr. Tellier spent 5 years as Operations Manager at VIASYS Corporation, an infrastructure deployment, integration and maintenance company.
Ryan Ramos – Underground, Electrical, Water and Sewer Manager Mr. Ramos was hired in January of 2003 to oversee the company’s directional drilling department.  Prior to coming to work with F&H Contractors, Mr. Ramos had over 12 years of experience in underground utility work, including installation of underground water main and force main, installation and cable pulling for underground power utilities and installation and cable pulling for fiber optic duct systems.  Mr. Ramos has served as Project Manager for F&H Contractors for the last five years, with oversight responsibility for highly complex overhead to underground utility projects, as well as water installation projects. 
Thomas Finley – Industrial & Power Plant Operations Manager Mr. Finley was hired in May of 2004, to manage the industrial maintenance and construction side of F&H.  Mr. Finley’s experience includes new construction of commercial buildings and facilities; maintenance and construction in power generating plants, chemical plants, mining facilities, and food processing plants; metal fabrication and layout.  Mr. Finley also has several years of experience in the construction of sanitary sewer, water piping, and directional boring.  Mr. Finley holds a State of Florida Certified General Contractors License as well as a State of Florida Certified Underground Utility Contractors License.
Lanny Mathis – Power Plant Project Manager Mr. Mathis is the Project Manager for the Power Plant Department and industrial projects working hand in hand with Mr. Finley on a daily basis.  Mr. Mathis’ responsibilities include scheduling and mobilizing craft labor, coordinating manpower assignments with schedulers and planners, and performing and evaluating productivity audits on the field supervision and craft labor.  Mr. Mathis communicates directly with the Project Management Team and implements changes to the work plan as necessary.  In regards to the field supervision and craft labor, Mr. Mathis has the authority to make changes as necessary to insure the work is being performed in a safe, professional, and efficient manner.
Mark Head – Safety Manager Mr. Head and his team of Safety managers coordinate safety and training functions throughout the company, as well as conducting job site audits and supporting field personnel with safety related items and concerns.  As a member of the Senior Management Team, Mr. Head’s recommendations and field audits are given directly to senior management to circumvent bias and prevent discord among field supervision.  Mr. Head is responsible for instituting safety programs and procedures, as well as evaluating and coordinating specialized training programs for job specific hazards
Work Force

F&H Contractors currently employs 200+ employees throughout the State of Florida, including management, clerical/administrative and field personnel.  The Company is committed to employee safety and training with an emphasis on employee retention.  F&H Contractors’ safety and training policies include; drug-free workplace, routine field safety inspections, and weekly safety meetings for all field employees including continuing education. Through the utilization of union craft labor, F&H Contractors is able to rapidly expand our labor force with various crafts having the necessary education, training and experience.  In situations where it becomes necessary for F&H Contractors to expand the workforce beyond our core employee base, a manpower request is sent to the appropriate Local Union.  The Union will respond with a referral for the number of employees requested and instruct those individuals to report to the appropriate F&H Contractor office for processing.  Upon arriving at our office, the employees undergo a processing routine, which includes but is not limited to completion of employment application and associated documents, completion of appropriate background investigation, completion of drug screening and completion of human resource orientation.  Upon successful completion of the processing procedures, applicants are then considered eligible for employment.